Introducing new hand-built bikes from Bay Cycles and Reilly Cycle Works

Introducing new hand-built bikes from Bay Cycles and Reilly Cycle Works

We are proud to have teamed up with Reilly Cycle Works to now offer bespoke hand built and individually specified titanium bikes for Gravel and Road.

With hints of classical design style, the RTB Custom is available in a range of anodised colours and polished Titanium finishes, accentuated with stylish branding, key component colour ways and an ‘assembled to fit you’ focus. We want to ensure that your bike is built around you and your riding style to maximise your enjoyment from the ride.

In addition to the standard Reilly offering, the RTB Custom brings that extra special feeling to your build. As always with a bespoke service, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to frame specs, finishes, and parts, but we like to think that with our recommended packages you will get the ultimate build for you.

We have selected a variety of brands as our preferred components based on their materials, performance, and reliability, not to mention the choices in sizes, model ranges and price. We like to combine the reliability of Shimano drive trains and brakes with Rotor Chainsets for the crank design, chainring choices and ceramic bb. Deda finishing kits and wheels give us a great selection in carbon and aluminium construction to keep the weight low and performance and comfort high. Dropping in headsets and bearing choices from Chris King adds great longevity and style.

Unashamedly high end, less harsh to ride than an Aluminium, lighter than Steel and less prone to damage than Carbon, Titanium offers a great ride quality and a build that is strong and won’t fatigue.

Checkout the standard range of Reilly Bikes and Frames here

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